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Disaster management seminar series

To help promote the work within the disaster management field, the CDMPS team joined forces with the NDMRI group (Natural Disaster Management Research Initiative) at the University of Melbourne to create a seminar series focused on disaster management research. The aim of the seminars is to promote discussion, share research, and develop collaboration opportunities within the field of disaster management. The seminars are held once a month and bring together interested parties from across the university, industry, government and other universities around Melbourne.
If you have some research you are interested in presenting at one of the monthly disaster management seminars please email

The complete table of presenters at the CDMPS/NDMRI seminar series is below:

Joint NDMRI and CDMPS Disaster Management Seminar Series
List of Seminars

Climate Change and Natural Hazards
Associate Professor Kevin Walsh
School of Earth Sciences, The University of Melbourne
Climate change is likely to affect the future rate of natural hazards, and may already have begun to do so. This talk discusses the possible effects of climate on the range of natural hazards that occur in Australia, with a view to informing future disaster management strategies.
Location: Theatre 4, Level 1, Alan Gilbert building (Corner of Barry St & Grattan St Carlton)

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