Sam Amirebrahimi

Sam Amirebrahimi

PhD Candidate

Sam received his bachelor’s degree in computer science (software engineering) from IAU University and completed his Masters in Business Administration (specialized in IT) at MMU, Malaysia.

During his bachelor’s, he was involved in number of IT projects (Mainly web-based platforms). In the meantime, he worked for number of companies in the IT industry as consultant, system analyst, software architect, and developer. Sam has years of experience providing and developing web solutions for small and medium size businesses using variety of proprietary and open source technologies.

Before commencing his PhD in 2011, Sam received his Masters degree in Geographic Information Technology and was awarded the Victoria’s best post-graduate award in Surveying and Spatial Sciences in 2011. Sam is currently a PhD student in the University of Melbourne. His research focus is mainly on integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for integrated indoor/outdoor management the risks within urban context, particularly complex infrastructures. He holds the membership of Centre of SDIs and Land Administration (CSDILA) since 2010 and has been responsible within the centre’s activities as research assistant (RA).

Sam’s other contributions include:

  • (2011) Development of complementary learning portal with spatially enabled case studies for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems subject
  • (2011) Development of Integrated 3D Modeling and Visualization Platform to support sustainable development