Arash Kaviani

Arash Kaviani

PhD Candidate

Arash is a PhD candidate in the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS) and Transport Engineering Group. His research is focused on transportation resilience. Arash is a member of the team working on an ARC linkage project on “PLANNING AND MANAGING TRANSPORT SYSTEMS FOR EXTREME EVENTS THROUGH SPATIAL ENABLEMENT“.  In addition to pursuing his PhD, Arash is involved in some of GIS- and transportation-related development projects in the centre as a research assistant.

Arash received his Bachelor Degree in software engineering in 2008 and worked  in IT industry for more than 4 years. His work experience was focused on implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. In 2014, he completed his Master Degree in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Melbourne.


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  • Kaviani, A., Rajabifard, A., 2014, Design and Development of a Volunteered Geographic Service Based Framework for Disaster Response, Coordinates, Vol X, Issue 10, October 2014.
Contact information:
Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety (CDMPS) and
Transport Engineering Group in  Department of Infrastructure Engineering
CDMPS, Level 4, Stationary Ln, Parkville VIC 3052
The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia
T: +61 3 83446771