Monthly Archives: April 2017

Visit with OGC

Members from CDMPS and our close partner, the CSDILA, met with Denise McKenzie this week to showcase our capabilities and current projects in the area of 3D visualisation platforms.

Denise McKenzie is the executive director of Communications and Outreach at Open Geospatial Consortium (GGC).


10th International Symposium on Digital Earth and Locate17


Director Abbas Rajabifard was in Sydney on the 5th of AprilĀ for the 10th International Symposium on Digital Earth and Locate17.

Professor Rajabifard delivered a keynote talk on ‘Building a Global Disaster Management Platform: Delivering Smart Disaster Communities’ and chaired a session on disaster management.

The International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) promote academic exchange, science and technology innovation, education, and international collaboration towards Digital Earth. They explore Digital Earth as an enabling technology to play key roles in economic and socially sustainable development, environmental protection, disaster mitigation, natural resources conservation and improvement of living standards.

The Locate Conference (Locate17) is the national conference of the spatial and surveying industries of Australia and New Zealand.

For more information and to see the full program, please visit