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Farewell Junbi Zhou; visiting PhD candidate from Hohai University, China

junbizhouPhD candidate Junbi Zhou from Hohai University was invited to join CDMPS and study with us in Melbourne for a year.

Junbi researches household vulnerability to disaster. People who live in poverty are, consequently, more vulnerable to disaster events because they have little means to help them recover. “We should target these [highly vulnerable] people when they suffer disaster losses… they should be the priority” said Junbi.

Junbi identified these highly vulnerable households in China. She analysed data about household socioeconomic factors, including household size, income and education, and used a model to determine their level of vulnerability (low to high). This information can be used to inform government policy that focusses on reducing household vulnerability and improving disaster resilience by providing, for example, better education, health insurance and forms of recovery support.

About her time at CDMPS, Junbi said “it was a great honour. It’s an excellent team [with] people from diverse backgrounds… For example, some people, like me, majored in economics or management and others are from engineering… We are able to share very different ideas, which I think make us a better team”. Junbi would like to stay in the field of disaster management and hopes to collaborate with CDMPS after she finishes her PhD thesis.

Junbi has been a valuable part of the CDMPS team and we look forward to working with her in future.