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The environmental data deluge: challenges and solutions for disaster risk reduction

The Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety
Lunchtime Seminar Series 2016

12:15pm—1:15pm Wednesday 24 February 2016
Harold White Theatre, 757 Swanston Street, Parkville

Dr. Nicholas Ray
The deluge of environmental data from various remote sensing and in situ devices makes it more and more difficult for the scientific community to find and access the appropriate data. Regional and global initiatives, such as INSPIRE and GEOSS, are trying to facilitate this endeavour, notably through regional Spatial Data Infrastructures, interoperability, brokering technology, and thematic portals. I will discuss those issues and briefly present an example of a geo-portal (PREVIEW Global Risk Data Platform) that our team has developed to allow visualisation of data on natural hazards, exposure (both human and economical) and risk, and that builds upon good practices in interoperability and data sharing.Dr. Nicolas Ray is Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Environmental Sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland and Head of Environmental Modelling and Geo-processing unit at the Global Resource Information Database (GRID) of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in Geneva and is current a visiting academic within CDMPS and the School of Engineering.
Included in this first seminar will be an overview of CDMPS for 2016 provided by Prof. Abbas Rajabifard, Director, Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety.
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