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Canadian Government Allocates Spectrum and Funding for Public Safety Broadband Network

On 21 April 2015 the Canadian Government announced in its 2015 Budget, under the title of “Protecting Canadians”, the allocation of both spectrum and funding to establish a Public Safety Broadband Network linking this initiative to both “Community Safety” and “Improving Public Safety Communications”.

The Canadian Government will provide an additional 10 MHz of 700 MHz broadband spectrum to the existing 10 MHz allocated for public safety communications providing a total of 20 MHz to enable the creation of a high-speed mobile “Public Safety Broadband Network” dedicated to emergency management.  In addition to spectrum the Government will also provide $3 million over two years starting in 2016–17 to take initial steps to establish the network.

Further information can be found at the following link:

The best way of providing Australia’s Public Safety Agencies with a mobile broadband capability

Australian Government - productivity commission

On Monday 20 April the Australian Productivity Commission released advice about its study into the best way of providing Australia’s Public Safety Agencies with a mobile broadband capability.

The web link is shown below and the Commission’s Issues Paper is attached.

ACMC’s February-March Newsletter is now available


The ACMC’s February-March Newsletter is now available to download from their website.

Inside this issue:

– Early considerations on civil-military responses to emerging diseases

– Workshop Meets Real World Disaster

– Civil-Military-Police Language Guide: Promoting Shared Understanding

– Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 15 – Blue StaffEx

– Recommended Readings