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Warnwave is a smart application for distributing information and warning messages about incidents and natural disasters which are geographically closed to user. Citizens can use Warnwave to report what they observe as incident or a natural disaster like flood and bushfire. This information will be processed on the server and dispatched again to all users who are located in the same zone where the incident happens.
WarnWave aims to promote a safer environment by publishing neighborhood safety information and it also allows users to customize the app to send SMS messages from their phone to their family members at the time of incident so the user can act as a call center for the whole family.
WarnWave is developed under the supervision of the centre for disaster management and public safety (CDMPS) at the University of Melbourne.

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eMU-PubliceMU-Public is designed for the public to identify emergencies and send out notifications around the University of Melbourne, Parkville campus. Users will receive a message once an OHS officer makes a response to it (see notification & action flow). Thousands of geo-coded QR tags will be placed around the campus so users can quickly scan it to get accurate location information, not matter outdoors or indoors. FirstAid and AED toolkits are also marked on the map, and the calculation of fastest walking route between user’s current position and any toolkit is supported. click here to download it from App Store

Here are some screen shots:

  • emu-Public1
  • emu-Public2
  • emu-Public3
  • emu-Public4


eMU-OHSeMU-OHS provides a swift way for OHS officers and the department heads (the observers) in the University of Melbourne to respond and monitor newly detected emergencies around the campus (Parkville campus only at current stage). For OHS users, they will get an alarm once an emergency notification is sent out by a public user (see notification & action flow); they can respond to the sender directly or assign this task to their colleagues. For observers, they will also received an alarm when an emergency appears and will be confirmed once any OHS officer does make a response to the case. Click here to download it from App Store

  • emuOHS1
  • emuOHS2
  • emuOHS3
  • emuOHS4

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