Intelligent Disaster Decision Support System (IDDSS)

The Intelligent Disaster Decision Support System is a project supported by the Australian Government through the Victorian Department of Justice Natural Disaster Resilience Grant Scheme. The project began in May 2013 and is scheduled to finish in April 2014.The figure below illustrates the IDDSS concept:

The project has developed a proof of concept of an Intelligent Disaster Decision Support System (IDDSS) for urban disasters integrating a smart geospatial information platform with an advanced optimisation and simulation engine. As a result of the project two scenarios have been developed, a bushfire scenario and a flooding scenario. The IDDSS will support an end-to-end process from scenario planning to disaster response and recovery and performs real-time collection, management, analysis, distribution, and visualisation of information for enhanced situation awareness, aligning the impact of information with its availability. This real-time stream of critical information populates the optimisation/simulation engine whose goal is to increase the cognitive abilities of decision makers when faced with an urban disaster of large magnitude and uncertainty.

IDDSS Demo Video Part1 – Key Features:
IDDSS Demo Video Part2 – Bushfire:
IDDSS Demo Video Part3 – Flood:

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