The mission of the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety is to conduct multi-disciplinary research on all aspects of disaster management and public safety both nationally and internationally.

Key goals of the Centre are to:

  • Conduct world recognized research into disaster/emergency management and public safety
  • Encourage collaborative research projects with state and federal governments in Australia, the private sector and leading overseas universities stakeholders
  • Create an open-standards initiative to develop interoperability architecture to test and develop models on multi hazard disasters
  • Disseminate research findings through academic publications, seminars, conferences and scholarly interchange
  • Develop and enhance the knowledge base and research capabilities in emergency/disaster management through research, training and specific initiatives such as workshops, symposia and conferences
  • Conduct short training programs in the fields of emergency/disaster management especially at the executive level for government agencies (both Australian and international), private sector bodies and other interested groups
  • Develop and implement a Masters level course for disaster management and public safety

For more information about Centre’s leadership, please visit here.

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